University graduates forecast to see first rise in jobs offers to seekers ratio in five years


Improved earnings at major domestic companies have raised the estimated ratio of job offers to seekers among undergraduate and graduate students for the first time in five years, according to a survey released by Recruit Co. on Wednesday.

The ratio is projected to come to around 1.27 for students scheduled to graduate from universities and graduate schools next March, up from the ration of 1.23 seen a year earlier, the job-placement magazine publisher said.

Although the companies surveyed actually plan on offering fewer jobs to students next spring — around 553,800 positions, down 1.1 percent from a year earlier — the forecast ratio shows a moderate rise of 0.04 point thanks to a 4.5 percent dip in students seeking jobs in the private sector, down to 434,500 from 454,900 the previous year.

According to the survey, large companies with at least 1,000 employees intend to recruit 156,400 students, up 2.6 percent year on year.

The number of jobs smaller businesses plan to offer, however, is predicted to drop 2.4 percent to 397,400, suggesting small and midsize companies are maintaining hiring curbs they imposed amid the 2008 global financial crisis.

Recruit’s survey, conducted between Feb. 8 and March 2, approached 5,051 companies that employ five or more workers to determine the number of job offers students can expect next spring. The company additionally canvassed around 377,400 students to estimate the number of job seekers around the same time.