Hitachi to test carbon capture tech


Hitachi Ltd. will jointly construct a test facility for carbon capture and storage technologies in Saskatchewan with a Canadian power company, with operations scheduled to begin around summer 2014.

Hitachi and Saskatchewan Power Corp. will jointly invest ¥5 billion in the project to evaluate emerging technologies to capture carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired thermal power plants and store them deep underground as measures to curb global warming, the two firms said Tuesday.

Hitachi said the project at the Canadian utility’s Shand Power Station near the city of Estevan “will focus on achieving commercial operations, reducing costs, realizing innovative technologies and will contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society.” Hitachi will supply the steam turbine and generator.

Yasuo Fujitani, a senior Hitachi official, said the test project, which will last about a year, will be key to realizing practical application of the technologies.