• Kyodo


Only 32 percent of domestic companies have prepared backup offices in the event they have to relocate within 24 hours of a massive natural disaster, less than the global average of 45 percent, a worldwide survey by Regus Group has shown.

Of the roughly 320 corporate managers in Japanese firms who responded to the survey, 47 percent said implementing disaster recovery plans is too costly, including preparing secondary sites and substitute information technology systems in advance.

Regus, a major Luxembourg-based office provider, said the figures reveal a low sense of perceived risk among domestic firms.

The survey was conducted in 85 countries, and received valid responses from about 12,000 business owners.

“This survey clearly showed that despite Japan’s experience (of 3/11), companies are lagging behind their global peers” in terms of disaster recovery plans, said Takashi Kure, chairman of Regus Japan K.K.

Regus said 41 percent of the responsding firms in the U.S. have backup offices, while the figures stood at 47 percent in Britain and 48 percent in China.