Aomori plugs its ‘power spots’


Aomori Prefecture is promoting 58 areas as “power spots” that tourists can visit to experience their mystery or healing power and energy.

Thirty-seven of the sites are renowned for their natural healing powers, according to the prefecture, including hallowed ground on Mount Osore in the city of Mutsu. The other 21 sites have been designated mystery zones and include “Jesus Christ’s grave” in the village of Shingo.

The prefecture has also designated certain shrines, springs and even trees as power spots. The downward slope of Atomodori Zaka in the town of Hashikami is a “mystery zone” as under certain conditions people feel they are walking uphill.

However, the move has made some locals uneasy.

“We have concerns that there will be more people visiting our shrine without earnest motives,” said Kiyotsugu Matsuhashi, a priest at Takayama Inari Shrine in Tsugaru.