To the rescue: nature advocate Harrison Ford


As Han Solo and Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford has saved galaxies far, far away, battled Nazis, and found the Holy Grail. Can he now save the planet from biodiversity loss?

Ford, the man who fought beside Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars” and cracked a whip against all manner of baddies in “Indiana Jones,” is also a dedicated environmentalist who will be in Nagoya next week to speak at a side event sponsored by Conservation International, where he serves on the board of directors.

Ford has been particularly involved in climate change issues and forest protection work, and has a Central American ant, the Pheidole harrisonfordi, named after him.

He is also a helicopter pilot and has flown in the jungles of Venezuela and Columbia on behalf of Conservation International.

Ford is expected to be in Nagoya on Tuesday through Thursday to encourage a strong COP10 agreement on protection and preservation of the world’s forests and marine areas.

May the forest be with you. And the oceans.