Hammocks swing into Tokyo vogue

Kyodo News

The old-fashioned hammock has come into vogue in Tokyo as a relaxation device both indoors and outdoors, with fans taking part in workshops for crafting them and events to watch the night sky.

“Being in a hammock feels similar to being in the mother’s womb, and there’s always a smile on the person using it,” said the head of Tokyo-based group Satoyama Hammock, who only gave his name as Michiyama.

Satoyama Hammock, which promotes the slings, hosts classes for knitting small hammocks and organizes activities highlighting their various uses, such as at picnics, to practice yoga and for foot reflexology.

Hiroshi Kajihara, director of Hammock Life Inc., which sells hammocks online, said they are becoming more popular indoors. “There are an increasing number of long-term users of home hammocks,” he said.