Kawasaki touts eco-technology


Having managed to clean up its once badly polluted skies through the application of advanced eco-friendly technology, Kawasaki is now trying to share its experience with other cities around the world.

The city held the Kawasaki International ECO-Tech Fair 2009, a two-day event at Todoroki Arena that ended Wednesday, to showcase such cutting-edge technology, especially among Asia’s rapidly industrializing nations.

The fair displayed a wide range of the latest environmental technologies that can be used to solve Asia’s immediate problems and even global issues.

The fair featured the latest energy and recycling technologies of 117 exhibitors at 199 booths, along with an exhibition of the latest eco-friendly cars.

Some notable exhibitions included Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s solar power generation system, JFE Engineering’s energy-saving air conditioning system and various other recycling systems, Nippon Basic’s unique CycloClean bicycle water purification system, as well as a display of Keio University’s smart, eye-catching ELIICA electric car, which has a maximum speed of 370 kph.

In addition, the fair created a venue for international business exchanges by bringing together people, corporations and groups engaged in environmental technology from Japan and abroad, including China, South Korea and Vietnam.

The fair was also a chance for Kawasaki, a “natural resource and energy-efficient model industrial city with low carbon emissions,” to promote cooperation with the United Nations Environment Program.