Crown Princess Masako will extend her stay at a vacation home in Nagano Prefecture where she has been resting since late last month for health reasons, it was revealed Monday.

Hideki Hayashida, grand master of the Crown Prince’s Household, said no decision has been made on when her stay will end. The Crown Princess was originally scheduled to return to Tokyo on Tuesday.

The extension was made in accordance with her wishes, Hayashida said. He said that “no extraordinary changes” have been observed in the Crown Princess’ health, which is said to have fluctuated.

The Crown Princess, 40, went to the villa March 25 with her husband, Crown Prince Naruhito, and their daughter, Princess Aiko. She is staying at the villa with her daughter and her mother, Yumiko Owada.

The Crown Princess has undertaken no official duties since December, following a bout of shingles.

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