A cut-price coupe of the British luxury brand Bentley will be launched in Japan, possibly in May, Bentley Motors Japan Vice President Tim Mackinlay said Wednesday.

The move, aimed at broadening the customer base for Bentley cars, which are produced by Germany’s Volkswagen AG, concerns the two-door, 6,000cc Continental GT that will be sold for 19.9 million yen

The price compares with around 30 million yen for the lowest-end Bentley model now available in Japan. Some custom-made high-end Bentley cars run several hundred million yen.

According to Mackinlay, the Continental GT is the world’s fastest four-seat coupe with a maximum speed of 318 kph.

The Japan sales target for this year is more than 200, up from last year’s 60, Mackinlay said, adding the target is to be expanded to 500 in 2006.

He also revealed a plan to launch a four-door version of the model next year.


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