Disneyland roller coaster derails


A roller coaster derailed Friday morning at Tokyo Disneyland in Chiba Prefecture, but none of the 12 passengers aboard were injured, according to theme park operator Oriental Land Co.

The incident took place on the popular Space Mountain attraction. The ride was halted and will remain closed until the operator completes an investigation into the derailment.

Oriental Land apologized on its Web site and said the two-car roller coaster was derailed after a rear axel of the second car broke.

The accident triggered a safety mechanism and stopped each of the 10 other two-car units on the track, according to the firm.

In September, a derailment on the Big Thunder Mountain attraction at the original Disneyland — in Anaheim, Calif. — killed one person.

Tokyo Disneyland temporarily suspended its own version of the ride following this fatal accident.

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