• Kyodo


Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. announced Tuesday that it will introduce two DVD audio players to the domestic market on June 30.

The the DVD-A7 will sell for 120,000 yen while the DVD-A10 will cost 150,000 yen.

Matsushita initially planned to release DVD audio players in November, but twice postponed their launch because music producers and other content making firms demanded reliable protection against copying.

The DVD-A7 and DVD-A10 feature a newly developed copy protection system that is expected to pave the way for a wide range of DVD audio software titles, the consumer electronics giant said.

While there are only a few titles now, the number is expected to reach 100 by the end of the year, a Matsushita official said.

Matsushita’s DVD audio players are not compatible with those released by Sony Corp. last year.

DVDs are as small as CDs, but their storage capacity is seven times greater. They can therefore play back much higher quality sounds and images.

The DVD-A7 and DVD-A10 will be released as part of Matsushita’s full line of DVD audio-video products, which also includes a portable player with a liquid-crystal display.