The nation’s industrial output declined 0.4 percent in April from the previous month, marking the first decrease in two months, according to a preliminary report issued Monday by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

The seasonally adjusted index of industrial production reached 103.6 against a 100-point benchmark in 1995.

The overall drop in production was mostly caused by such items as mobile phones, electronic toys and personal computers, the report says.

While cellular phones and PCs were faced with temporary changeover periods for new models to come in June, production of electronic toys such as portable games for export as well as PCs also declined in reaction to an increase in output earlier in the year.

“Generally, production is on a gradual upward trend,” the report says, repeating the same monthly description used since December.

While the report expects production to rise 0.4 percent in May and 0.5 percent in June, a MITI official explained that although information technology-related sectors are growing strongly, the trend is not spreading to other areas.

Meanwhile, April shipments also declined, by 0.3 percent, marking the first decline in two months. The shipment index reached 105.4.

The inventory index remained the same as March at 95.6, the report says.