Former LDP lawmaker Yojiro Nakajima, who has been indicted on a total of five charges, including accepting bribes, will plead guilty to all counts, according to sources close to the case.

Nakajima, 39, formally resigned as a Lower House lawmaker earlier in the week. He already pleaded guilty to charges of violating the Public Office Election Law by buying votes at his first trial for that offense.

He is also charged with accepting 5 million yen in bribes from Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. when he was vice minister at the Defense Agency in return for having the firm take part in the development of a next-generation amphibious aircraft for the Maritime Self-Defense Force.

Other charges against the former legislator include falsifying documents related to the receipt of political subsidies and defrauding the state by receiving money to pay the salary of a nonexistent policy affairs secretary.

Sources said Thursday that legal counsel for Nakajima had basically completed negotiations with prosecutors and judges. During the police investigation, Nakajima had denied any wrongdoing, and his trials were widely expected to be lengthy.

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