Police have tracked down all eight people who sent money to a 27-year-old Sapporo man suspected of selling them cyanide capsules and other drugs via the mail, police sources said Monday.

The last of the eight people is a 22-year-old male college student of Chiba, who bought chloroform and medicine — designed to alleviate symptoms of dementia — that can cause hallucinations, the sources said.

The student did not buy cyanide capsules from the man, who was a former prep school teacher and a licensed pharmacist who committed suicide last month at his home, the sources said.

The college student told police he got to know the man through the Internet and wired him 30,000 yen from a bank in Inage Ward, Chiba Prefecture.

Police found the last buyer’s name on a CD-ROM submitted Thursday by the parents of the man who committed suicide. Police now believe almost all unconsumed cyanide bought by the Sapporo man has been confiscated, the sources said.

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