OSAKA — Roman Catholic Archbishop Juan Luis Cipriani asked the businesspeople of Osaka on Oct. 14 to work more closely with grassroots organizations to establish a relief fund directly accessible to the needy in Peru.Speaking at the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Cipriani especially called for companies’ help in the area of improving education and health standards for the nation’s children.Many companies generally offer relief funds in the form of donations to international organizations, but Cipriani said more than 90 percent of the funds collected by institutions like the United Nations or the World Bank are spent on intermediary procedures and do not reach those in need.Cipriani suggested companies work together with Global Volunteer Service, a nonprofit organization based in Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture, and compile rules for distributing the money. Cipriani and GVS agreed Oct. 13 to combine forces to support the children and women of Peru.”The national government has a major role to play in improving the nation’s social infrastructure and the people’s standard of living, but private companies can cooperate,” Cipriani said. “If the people are educated, they themselves can eventually contribute to making further investments in such areas.”Cipriani helped to facilitate negotiations to end the 127-day hostage crisis that ended in April at the Japanese ambassador’s residence in Lima.

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