A three-day international conference opened Sept. 24 at the United Nations University in Tokyo to mark the 400th anniversary of the death of Luis Frois, a 16th century Jesuit who lived in Japan for 34 years until his death in Nagasaki.

Following an opening address by Portuguese Ambassador Rui Goulart de Avila, George Sioris, Greek ambassador and president of the Asiatic Society of Japan, profiled the Portuguese missionary who chronicled missionary work. In the keynote speech, Sioris said Frois, one of the first Westerners to arrive in Japan, was a humble and dedicated scribe and interpreter of Japan for the West and the best source of study of 16th century Japan.

Sponsored by the Portuguese Embassy and supported by various organizations, the conference features a series of lectures and exhibitions on Frois. For more information, call the embassy’s cultural department at (03) 5226-0611.

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