Koichi Kato, reappointed secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party, pledged Sept. 11 to bring an end to internal strife so Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto’s six major reforms can be implemented.

Kato was apparently referring to the rivalry between his camp, which is aligned closely with allied political parties, and those who are not.

Kato made the comment at a media briefing following an executive meeting at which he, Executive Council Chairman Yoshiro Mori and Policy Affairs Research Council Chairman Taku Yamasaki were reappointed.

“Although it is somewhat natural for our members to have conflicting opinions, I am becoming concerned because I have started receiving letters from our local members asking that such intraparty strife be stopped,” Kato said. “From this day, I would like our members to be united, and I would also like to make efforts to make that happen.”

He said that although the LDP receives strong public support, the party could lose the upcoming Upper House election if the internal struggle continues.

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