Police in Tokyo said August 6 that they have recently confiscated 500 false $100 bills that are believed to have been produced outside Japan.

The latest seizure brings to 1,725 the total number of false $100 notes seized in the latest forged currency case, according to Toyama and Ishikawa prefectural police. According to investigators, the police confiscated the 500 false bank notes from the office of a lumber processing company official in Tokyo’s Adachi Ward. They were acting on information from 52-year-old Ryohei Shibuta, who was arrested Aug. 1 on suspicion of using forged foreign currency.

Toyama Prefectural Police have confiscated 947 false $100 notes in connection with a case in which 58-year-old fishery products dealer Koji Iwayama allegedly sold 980 forged notes to a civil engineering contractor in Saitama Prefecture in April, they said. Iwayama has already been indicted on the charge of using forged foreign currency.

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