Digital | IGADGET Nov 7, 2007

Nintendo lets you touch that dial

by Peter Crookes

Tuning in: Nintendo's DS hand-held games console will get a 1SEG TV tuner as an accessory from Nov. 20 (although you can order it from Nov. 8). DS Terebi will allow you to watch digital TV almost anywhere in Japan on the upper screen ...

Digital | BLOG-WATCH Oct 31, 2007

Whole worlds inside the screen

by Thomasina Larkin

With a population of Net-cafe refugees in Japan reported in August to be 5,400, and the recent demise of a 28-year-old South Korean, identified as Lee, who reportedly died after playing an online computer game for 50 hours straight, many are wondering what online ...

Digital | BLOG-WATCH Oct 24, 2007

Nova gets the Web talking

by Thomasina Larkin

Ah, the wonderful world of blogging, where people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe find a forum to have their voices heard. This week, let's take a peek into the goings on of Nova, Japan's largest English school company, ...

Japan traces robots' past, future

Digital | TECHNOLOGY Oct 24, 2007

Japan traces robots' past, future

by Tim Hornyak

"Robots will become the Ford Model T of the 21st century," says Japanese scientist Hirohisa Hirukawa. If the car that put America on wheels is any guide, robots will have a revolutionary effect on people's everyday lives. They have already transformed manufacturing industries around the ...

Tokyo Game Show misses Nintendo

Digital | TECHNOLOGY Sep 26, 2007

Tokyo Game Show misses Nintendo

by Brian Ashcraft

This year's Tokyo Game Show was supposed to be bigger, but that doesn't mean the industry event was better. It was expanded from three days (one press, two public days) to four days (two press, two public) as Sony, Microsoft and third-party video game ...

Digital | IGADGET Sep 26, 2007

Back-chatting TVs and translating photocopiers

by Peter Crookes

Bridging the gaps between the multiple towers of Babel that are modern languages has traditionally relied on software. Whether this be organic software, as in humans and their linguistic skills, or computers with their still relatively primitive ability to translate from one language to ...