Food & Drink | KISSA KULTUR Feb 28, 2001

Copying without an original

by David Chester

In the movie "Mr. Baseball," Tom Selleck's character complains to his Japanese girlfriend that Japan copies everything. She quickly replies, "We may copy it, but we make it better." After a visit to Ashbys of London, located near Akasaka-Mitsuke Station, one would have to ...

Food & Drink | KISSA KULTUR Jan 24, 2001

Mariage Freres: A Ginza tea party

by David Chester

They haven't had to advertise in over 140 years. Of course, when your product is of the highest quality, word travels -- even to distant shores. Such is the reputation of France's oldest importer of fine teas, Mariage Freres (the Mariage brothers). Beginning in 1660 ...

Food & Drink | KISSA KULTUR Nov 23, 2000

The orthodox way of milk tea

by David Chester

In my search for a pleasant place to enjoy a coffee or tea, I often feel like a detective. Wandering Tokyo's nooks and crannies, I diligently try to track down havens where weary souls can rejuvenate from harried schedules and the din that seems ...

Food & Drink | KISSA KULTUR Sep 27, 2000

Reading relaxation in tea leaves

by David Chester

Tokyo is a city of surprises. Take a walk down any side street, and you can be sure you'll find an interesting shop or restaurant. Such is the case with Mother Leaf, a pleasant discovery moments away from the Kabuki-za in Ginza. Akiyo Sawayanagi, manager ...