Digital | CYBERIA Mar 21, 2001

Unfit to print

I was planning to write about the rivers of blood that are running through world stock markets. Paper losses of $4.5 trillion have a way of drawing the eye and demanding an explanation. But the world intervened. (Devoted cybernauts may get that column yet; ...

Digital | CYBERIA Mar 7, 2001

Great Domain Robbery

by Mark Thompson

I got a whiff of this story last week at It was in a news brief about a journalist who had floated details about a company that would soon offer new top-level domain names. It smelled good because, if the leak proved to be ...

Digital | CYBERIA Feb 21, 2001

Who's napping now?

by Mark Thompson

As any music fan knows, the future of Napster, the biggest free lunch of MP3s on the Net, is still very much in legal limbo. Last week a San Francisco appeals court confirmed a decision made this summer: Napster is knowingly infringing the copyrights ...

Digital | CYBERIA Feb 16, 2001

Get out of my inbox

How much e-mail do you get a day? How much of it is junk mail? I get about 80-100 messages daily, and random sampling (i.e., the day I wrote this) shows that about 25 percent was unsolicited mailings, better known as spam. That ...

Digital | CYBERIA Jan 31, 2001

Castles in the sky

Here's a folk tale for the digital era. Our hero is a quiet, unassuming young man named Kazutomo Robert Hori. Robert is plugged into the future. As president and CEO of Cybird, a Japanese company that calls itself as a "one-stop" shop for people ...

Digital | CYBERIA Jan 24, 2001

Back in the loop

by Mark Thompson

This is not what you would call a lede per se, but indulge me for a few paragraphs. This will take some explaining. It started somewhere on my commute, about a week ago. I was scrolling through an AvantGo newsfeed on my PDA, reading the ...

Digital | CYBERIA Jan 17, 2001

Sound the alarm

by Brad Glosserman

Ahh, vindication is sweet. Especially when you don't have to toot your own horn. So take a bow, Mark Thompson: You got it in one last week when you identified security issues as anxiety numero uno for Internauti this year. Mark's take on e-angst ...

Digital | CYBERIA Jan 10, 2001

What's it all about, IT?

by Mark Thompson

2001 may well be the year of the IT revolution, but as far as I'm concerned, we're talking about utilITy. From here on, usefulness is going to be the benchmark for information technologies. The overall state of the economy is partly responsible -- take ...

Digital | CYBERIA Dec 20, 2000

Real democracy, anyone?

Have we learned our lesson in democracy? God forbid anyone should ever weasel out of voting again with the claim that their ballot doesn't count, that it doesn't make a difference. There is almost no way the margin in the U.S. vote could have ...

Digital | CYBERIA Dec 13, 2000

Next stop Wirelessland

by Mark Thompson

A funny thing happened on the way to work . . About a year ago, I was doing much of my information intake on trains. I don't know about you, but I average close to an hour a day traveling around in Tokyo's speeding ...

Digital | CYBERIA Dec 6, 2000

Ready for takeoff

The pipes are clogging. There are 377.65 million people online worldwide, and some analysts warn that figure could increase by as much as 25 percent annually for a few years to come. Traffic could reach 10 times the current level in a few short ...

Digital | CYBERIA Nov 22, 2000

Connecting the dots

It's hard to believe, but there is some organization to the Internet. The libertarianism that seems to be the dominant ethos rests not-too-lightly atop a neatly organized technical foundation. It has to be this way: The Net is a network of addresses and someone ...