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Lawson's bread buns are going to the dogs

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

Lawson has been getting creative with its carb-centric items as of late. The convenience store chain is experimenting with interesting shapes, and the past month has seen some real winners.

Its first effort was released as the Korilakku-man, a steamed bun in the shape of one of the best friends of the popular Japanese bear character Rilakkuma. This ursine bun (¥200 after tax) is stuffed with a warm strawberry custard. It’s a sweet treat, especially if you find yourself outside as the temperatures drop.

For those who want a savory novelty bread product, Lawson now has you covered with a pair of dog-themed creations. The chain’s new bone- and paw-shaped bread buns (¥140 and ¥180 after tax, respectively) both come stuffed with a meat filling. Think of them as a fairly typical, satisfying meat bun, albeit with a canine twist.

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