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A Le Loic: Inspired gelato comes to Tokyo Disney

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

The Ikspiari shopping center right outside of Tokyo Disneyland houses a nice range of forgettable chain restaurants and trendier food options. The area’s newest dessert arrival falls squarely in the latter.

Gelato store A Le Loic opened last week with a simple but memorable selection of the Italian dessert on sale. At the moment, it sells Earl Grey-fig, mango, caramel vanilla and strawberry flavors. These can be enjoyed in a cone or cup, either as a single (¥340 before tax) or a double offering (¥440 before tax).

So far, pretty standard. Really, though, you should live it up and get multiple of these tasty flavors combined in a crepe (¥490 to ¥640 before tax, depending on what you stuff in there). Better yet, embrace the holiday spirit with the limited-edition Christmas Noel crepe (¥640 before tax), which features pistachio and raspberry gelato with sweet whipped cream. It’s the best combination of tastes at A Le Loic, and offers something slightly elevated from the usual gelato experience.

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