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Mister Donut's Roll-nut: A perplexing doughnut and roll cake fusion

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

Give Mister Donut credit — well after dessert hybrids such as the cronut (croissant-donut) went out of vogue, the chain keeps pumping out new sugary mutants.

Their latest creation features an assist from patisserie Mon Cher, an establishment famous for its Dojima roll cake. The new Roll-nuts take the swirl-shaped design of the roll cake and rest it on top of a harder doughnut bowl-like base. The frankensweet (¥216 after tax) comes in two flavors, a traditional yellow roll cake and a chocolate variety.

It’s a novel idea and, if my local scouting can be trusted, has proven popular, since these Roll-nuts sell out fast. The taste of the original vanilla-flavored offering, however, isn’t all that special, even if you follow the optional directions to refrigerate it for an hour first. The chocolate creation is much better, since it delivers on the sweetness. Not a huge deal if you skip this fad, but opt for the chocolate if you must give it a try.

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