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Just like real yakisoba, this Cold Stone look-alike ice cream has a lot going for it

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

It’s a simple but successful trick — make a dessert that looks like another food, but that tastes entirely different to whatever dish it is based on. Cold Stone Creamery Japan pulls this off perfectly with its latest creation, available at six select locations across Japan.

This sweet looks like yakisoba, but is most certainly not noodles. It’s apparently inspired by the anime series “Fate/Extra Last Encore,” but I’ll cop to having no idea how it ties into the show. What I do know is that this ice cream creation (¥680 alone, ¥1,500 for a set coming with some cartoon-related swag) looks impressive, and uses green tea powder and raspberry chips to really get the yakisoba image across.

The taste also delivers, even though there’s a lot going on here. The main ice cream flavor is a simple vanilla, but it is accented by a mix of whipped and chestnut cream. Add the aforementioned green and red elements on top, and you’ve got a lot going on top of a waffle cone. But everything balances out, making for a surprisingly tasty treat.