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Kanazawa Ice's Burning Soft Cream Parfait: The ice cream that doesn't melt

by Patrick St. Michel

Contributing Writer

Admittedly, the idea behind Kanazawa Ice’s creations doesn’t sound all that jaw-dropping in the dead of winter. The sweetmaker, which opened a branch in Harajuku in late January 2018, boasts of soft serve and other ice-like creations that don’t melt, even when left in a particularly hot room. Probably not a concern this month, where temperatures have been consistently hanging around freezing.

But just imagine when the summer rolls around! Kanazawa Ice offers an array of cold treats to indulge in, from simple soft serve (¥390) to ice pops in the shape of items and characters (prices vary). Catching my eye was the Burning Soft Cream Parfait (¥700). As the name implies, this decadent dessert gets slightly torched prior to serving. Get your camera ready.

The light burning enhances the Kanazawa Ice experience. The regular soft serve is fine but just that. However, after setting it on fire it takes on a slight creme brulee-like flavor. The accompanying flourishes — rainbow sprinkles, a cookie and a chocolate Pocky stick — add some variety to the mix, but it’s the post-flame taste that justifies the price tag. Best of all? It’s the one Kanazawa Ice offering that will heat you up this winter, even if only slightly.