Candles illuminate Ginza night

On Dec. 22, Ginza’s Corridor Street will be illuminated with the flickering lights of around 2,000 candles during Ginza Candle Night 2017.

This event will be hosted by Ginza 300Bar Next in cooperation with other restaurants along the street.

The street, as well as participating storefronts will be completely illuminated by candlelight. Visitors can let the warm glow of the candles guide them as they stroll down the narrow Corridor Street in the fashionable Ginza area.

If you need a break from the cold, stop by Ginza 300Bar Next for food and drinks that are all priced at ¥300 with no cover charge.

Make sure to try one of their famous mojitos, or one of their inventive herb cocktails. The event starts at sundown, around 5 p.m., and carries on through the night. Whether it’s for the entire night or just an hour or two, stop by Ginza 300Bar Next and Corridor Street for a spectacular sight..