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Natural Lawson's Pizza Roll tastes almost as good as the real thing

by Patrick St. Michel

Special To The Japan Times

We’ve all been there — you’re hungry, but don’t want to cook. The idea of ordering a pizza is initially tempting, but what about all those calories? These are the dilemmas that haunt one’s laziest nights.

Now, however, Natural Lawson offers a pizza snack that isn’t actually that bad for you. Its new Pizza Roll is the latest addition to its healthier line of bread items, boasting only 160 kcals in one piece. The roll (¥140 after tax) features a mix of tomato sauce and puree, along with some gouda cheese and small bits of bacon stuffed inside.

This makes for a snack that tastes pretty good, and offers a solid representation of what an actual pizza tastes like (far more than anything else you can buy outside of the frozen section of your local convenience store). The bacon can feel a bit weird in terms of texture, but the sauce and cheese mix is spot on.

That said, this is ultimately a stopgap of a food item and a solitary roll won’t fill you up. Either be sure to pick up an extra, or prepare to be dreaming about Dominoes a few hours later.

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