The “Senran Kagura” games are ridiculous. But that’s the whole point. Previous installments have followed the adventures of buxom female kunoichi (female ninjas), who end up with tattered clothing while battling foes. This latest game, however, trades ninja gear for water guns.

“Peach Beach Splash” is set at a ninja-skill tournament in which bikini-clad kunoichi battle it out with squirt guns. There is a single-player mode as well as multiplayer team and networked battles. The game features different ranged weapons, and the objective is to utterly soak each with water, aiming at the chest and backside to finish opponents off.

This is the fifth anniversary title for “Senran Kagura” and it isn’t the first spin on the series’ formula — we’ve already seen a rhythm-based cooking game and a card-based game. It is, however, the most over-the-top entry in the franchise.

Priced at ¥7,538, “Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash” is available for the PlayStation 4.


Nintendo’s version of the double cross

With the Nintendo Switch just released, gamers might have forgotten about the 3DS. But they shouldn’t. It still has great potential and “Monster Hunter XX” is a good reminder of what it has to offer.

New “Monster Hunter” games have always been a big deal in Japan, and this latest release is an expanded version of 2015’s “Monster Hunter X” (the “X” refers to a “cross,” so this is a “double cross”). “Monster Hunter XX” not only promises more monsters and an extra difficulty level, but also new downloadable quests.

What makes these features so appealing is that they are collaborations. For example, there is a “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” quest that brings the first Nintendo Switch epic to the 3DS and unlocks Zelda gear on completion. Other tie-ups include crossovers with “Okami,” “Ace Attorney” and the popular tokusatsu (special effects) TV show and anime “Garo.”

Even with “XX” in the title, “Monster Hunter X” fans won’t feel double-crossed if they do pick up this new release.

“Monster Hunter XX” is available for the Nintendo 3DS. The retail version is ¥6,264, while the download is ¥5,990.


Koei Tecmo organizes the ultimate get-together

The most popular characters of games created by publisher Koei Tecmo have been brought together to collectively kick some butt.

“Musou Stars” “stars” favorite characters from “Ninja Gaiden,” “Dead or Alive,” “Toukiden,” “Atelier Sophie” and more for a “Dynasty Warriors-” style hack and slash game. The company even polled fans, asking if they’d like any additional characters.

As with Koei Tecmo’s “Dynasty Warriors” games, players face off against an insane number of enemies, hacking and slashing them to smithereens. Players select one character to control, while up to four more are used for computer-controlled support as they battle enemy throngs.

Crossover games have been popular in Japan for a while, and this isn’t Koei Tecmo’s first. The “Warriors Orochi” series has long featured crossovers with “Dynasty Warriors” and “Samurai Warriors” characters, while “Warriors Orochi 3,” released in 2011, also had characters from “Dead or Alive” and “Ninja Gaiden.”

“Musou Stars,” which will be released on March 30, however, is set to be the biggest Koei Tecmo character showcase to date.

The PS4 version of “Musou Stars” is priced at ¥8,424, while the PS Vita version is ¥7,344.


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