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Bright new things in Japan's gaming world

Nintendo’s summer colors

Over the years, Nintendo has released a slew of colors for its 3DS handhelds, so it’s easy to feel jaded and write new ones off as just another sales grab, but the upcoming Japan-only 3DS pop color combinations are definitely eye-catching.

Deliberately contrasting, the Lime × Black has a bright green clam shell with a black hinge and inner part, while the Pink × White’s shell is more dynamic than Nintento’s previous more muted pink release.

Best of all, as Nintendo fans have been pointing out online, both the new color combinations resemble the pink and lime colors of “Splatoon’s” Squid Sisters.

The Lime × Black and Pink × White 3DS LL units will be released June 9, priced at the standard ¥20,304.

A mighty release

Finally! “Mighty No. 9” is coming out. Starring a droid called Beck, “Mighty No. 9” is a platformer with both 2-D and 3-D-style graphics.

If its look and gameplay remind players of “Mega Man,” it’ll be because this release is from Keiji Inafune, the famed Japanese game developer who is perhaps best known for producing “Mega Man” for Capcom. “Mighty No. 9” is being hailed as the spiritual successor to the classic franchise.

This game was first showcased in 2013 as a Kickstarter project — one of the first from a Japanese developer — and it raised a whopping $4 million, well over its original $900,000 goal.

Early on, Inafune said his new studio Comcept and the game’s co-developer Inti Creates, which was also founded by former Capcom staff, would give fans an inside look during the development process, a very unusual move for Japanese studios, which are typically guarded. Along the way, there have been three delays, making the game a highly anticipated release, but at last it has been announced that “Mighty No. 9” will be out on June 21. Pledgers and other fans can finally judge it as a game and not the development drama it has been.

“Mighty No. 9” will be available for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U. The 3DS and PS Vita versions will be released later this year.

No objections to “Ace Attorney 6”


3DS owners will no doubt have “Ace Attorney 6” on their radars. This long-running Capcom series, which is titled “Gyakuten Saiban” (“Turnabout Trial”) in Japan, combines traditional adventure gameplay with humor, mystery and courtroom drama for some of the most enjoyable games made in this country.

This latest entry is different because it takes place in two locales: Los Angeles and the imaginary Kingdom of Khura’in. The LA storyline is the courtroom drama “Ace Attorney” players know and love. Trials in Khura’in, however, are very different.

Not only is it illegal to be a defense attorney in Khura’in, all such lawyers have already been rounded up and executed. Instead of attorneys, the kingdom’s court uses a mysterious water mirror, which reveals the last things victims saw before dying. These visions help determine the outcome of cases.

The result is a sharp legal game with an additional fantasy contrast that creates storylines fans will never have seen before. It’s a unique entry in the beloved “Ace Attorney” series, and since all the games so far have been tremendously enjoyable, this new one really shouldn’t be missed.

“Ace Attorney 6” will be released June 9 on the Nintendo 3DS. It’s priced at ¥5,800 for the packaged version and ¥5,546 for the download.

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