Batteries that keep you in charge

There are plenty of battery-operated toys and tools, and they usually have very simple modes: start and stop. The Mabeee, however, can turn something as simple as an electric toothbrush into an app-controlled gadget. This little battery pack takes a single AAA battery and turns it into a Bluetooth-enabled AA battery that can be used with an iOS app to control any simple electric toy or gadget.

The app comes with start and stop buttons, plus other means of control, such as shaking the iPhone/iPad and voice activation. It even has a timer that you can use to indicate how long you should be brushing your teeth.

As a crowd-funding project on the Makuake site, the Mabeee has already collected more than eight times its goal, and there’s still a couple of months to reserve one for ¥3,888 before it’s produced next April.

Mabeee: mabeee.mobi Makuake: bit.ly/mabeeemaku

One way to keep the wedding bouquet fresh forever

Startup Digifla has announced a wedding bouquet for the fussy bride. The LED Designable Bouquet can change its color at the tap of a smartphone app. Weddings often involve a few dress changes, so rather than using several bouquets, this device lights up its artificial flowers to whatever color matches the bride’s outfit.

The app allows you to custom-create colors using slider controls, and you can amp up the vibrancy by adjusting the hue of the illumination.

The bouquet has also been designed to be an interior decoration and is set to cost around ¥50,000 — so the bride may not want to toss this one out to the crowd at the end of her big day. The bouquet will be available next February — just in time for the spring wedding season.


Make sure you stay in control of everything

If you are one of those people who is always looking for the remote control to something or has so many controllers that you keep getting them mixed up, the REX-WFIREX1 has your name on it.

Most controllers for consumer electronics use infrared light, which means they can only be operated from a close distance. This universal control, however, uses Wi-Fi via a smartphone or tablet to instruct the REX-WFIREX1 — an unobtrustive white box that is set up in the home — to send out infrared signals.

This means that all your remote-controlled electronics can be accessed via a smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are.

You could, for example, turn the heating on before you even get home. You also will only need one device to control several things, so no more rummaging around for the TV remote. Not only this, but the device has timer modes and a humidity and temperature sensor, so you can keep track of your home while away.

The REX-WFIREX1 is priced at around ¥15,000 and is available at most electronics stores.


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