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Maple syrup goes with anything — even fried chicken

by Angela Erika Kubo

The staff at Soul Snacks in Ginza will politely recommend that you move the tiny chicken drumsticks out of the way before you cover your waffle with syrup and butter, but disregard that. As awful as it sounds, the chicken tastes best doused with sweet maple syrup. That combined with the thin waffle that almost melts in your mouth will have you moaning with delight — or maybe it’s just an American thing. After your fried chicken and waffles (¥1,200), stop downstairs for a bag of fresh cookies, in flavors ranging from chocolate chip to oatmeal and raisin. (1-2F Ozio Bldg., 5-5-9 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo; 03-6264-1527;