Last week saw the launch of Model Closet magazine’s new cell-phone site. Featuring 20 big-name models from Japan’s fashion world, or more specifically, the fashion world that flourishes on the streets of Shibuya, the site will focus be on “non fiction, real trend,” meaning that most of the clothes featured will be affordable fast fashion. Models such as Muto Shizuka, Aya Hoshi, Ikemegu, Sayaka Araki and Sakurina will appear in their own clothing and give tips to readers on fashion and beauty.

Falling magazine revenues mean that publishers have to find ways of adapting to survive, so setting up sister cell-phone sites is a smart way of tapping into new media, without sacrificing the exclusivity of their content. The rise in popularity of touchscreen phones also means that readers in Japan are more willing to read magazine content on their cell phone. While the jury is still out on e-readers, cell-phone publishing is making great strides.

Chiming with the style of popular Tokyo Girls Collection fashion show, the site features affordable homegrown brands such as Cecil McBee and uses native rather than foreign models. Tokyo Girls Collection has enjoyed huge popularity following this formula and now in its fifth year is still going strong. The next Tokyo Girls Collection event will be held in Yokohama on March 6, followed by an event in Okinawa on April 24. The event prides itself on its non-exclusivity, allowing members of the public to  purchase tickets and gain access that would normally be the preserve of industry insiders at a typical fashion show.

Model Closet cell-phone site also aims to give subscribers the feeling that they’re privy to industry information and will include beauty tips not only from top models but also from makeup and wardrobe artists, so you too can enjoy a head of brilliant orange bouffant hair and diamante talons to boot.

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