www.allgore.com “This day in Gore history: 1978 — Al and Tipper go roller skating at the Y.” OK, so it’s not easy to parody someone void of personality.

www.algore-2000.org/ Funnier than allgore, probably because the site now focuses on Florida voters. Includes pics from Palm Beach County protests, except the messages on the placards have been touched up a tad.

www.bushoncrack.comThe Bush family apparently has some connections, and this URL — along with some choice words on Gov. Wordsmith — was edited out of last week’s column. So Sneakyspud is attempting an end-run around his overworked editor to clue you in on some exquisite laughs here. (Editor’s note: Am alert enough to smack Spud but too overworked to find the delete key.)

www.bet.com/elections/florida_vote.html This African-American site (and Flash) lets you relive the frustration of Palm Beach County voters. After the gag is over, head over to Bet’s welcome page and check out some election coverage from a vastly different angle.

www.math.niu.edu/~rusin/recount Politicians, former secretaries of state, lawyers, journalists and now mathematicians. Professor David Rusin of Northern Illinois University jumps into the fray with a mathematical analysis of the likelihood that a hand count in Florida would change the outcome.

whyfiles.org The Why Files, a site run out of the University of Wisconsin, explains the science involved in some of the events that journalists fail so miserably in describing. And since no science yet exists to explain Florida voters, The Why Files instead details alternative voting methods. Interesting stuff under the headline “Election Schmelection.”