Just as the sun draws life from the earth, urging flowers to bloom and fruits to ripen, thus creating an earth “worthy” for humans to dwell in, so, I believe, in each person’s soul an “inner sun” shines which makes human life well worth living.

Belief bears the fact / that breathes in the pure soul, / as a vine bears grapes / that breathe in the pure spirit.

One’s inner sun is a luminous body that possesses both the energy of light to lead one’s insight to eternal phases of the universe and the energy of heat to make one’s faculties flexible, full and free.

One’s inner sun is also a major source of joy. When well cultivated, this sun’s spirit pervades one’s entire inner world not unlike the haunting loveliness that surrounds myrtle in full bloom, or the delicate crystallization of earth-stones into gems. In either case, joy is created. One’s inner sun is a joy-maker.

We can nourish this sun within ourselves with care and tenderness until a string of joy like a string of pearls shines from within.

Achieving this joy is one of the most sublime results of human endeavors.

Belief creates the truth / as a tree produces apples.

It is well, then, to put this inner sun to work not only producing gems of joy for oneself but gems of joy to share with others. When the soul sings out its joy, its echo is heard in the hearts of others like heaven’s rays reflected upon a stream of water running through a grassy meadow.

This is, perhaps, one of the greatest pleasures of life: to share in another’s gem of joy.

Shared joys are doubled, which halves sorrow and pains.

Because gems of joy are not created on the outside of oneself but on the inside, we cannot touch their truth directly with our physical eye or ear. Yet, the creative faculties do make truth visible, audible and tangible. For when emotion and intellect are linked together, however mysteriously, beautiful mosaics of poetic and artistic truths are formed. While the creative mind “hugs” the heart, whether consciously or unconsciously, a creative burst of light illuminates the inside of the object reflected on. This intimate interaction between the inner faculties invites the attainment of a more truthful or beautiful reality.

So as we touch or “kiss” a gem of joy, a thrill rises up from within because of the very mysteriousness of the event, like a star throbbing in heaven’s deepest repose. When a gem of joy resounds in the depth of the soul, we “hear” a polished song like the song of the eastern sky embracing the purest dawn. When we “see” a gem of joy glittering in the heart of the soul, our spirit sparkles like the western sky reflecting the colors of the setting sun.

These phenomena of the inner faculties convince me of the significance of an active and prolific inner luminous body that can increase the richness of one’s life.

This inner sun is kept from fading by fertilizing the spirit of creativity. Thus, plants may bloom in the inner garden and bear fruit of such delicious quality that it surpasses even that of the eye, the tongue, the ear.

By constantly impregnating the inner luminous body with fresh ideas, meanings and images, we keep the creative lamp lit in our house of human life with an oil that is never exhausted.

In this way we infinitely elevate the quality of joy. We rouse bright waves on the flat surface of life, creating chain reactions that attract and prolong the waves of joy.

The foregoing are thoughts about creating essential joys for one’s inner life. But they are also a recipe for healing one’s pains and wounds. For by creating a gem of joy one simultaneously creates a healer to enrich one’s inner life.

Inner sun / great joy-maker; / gem of joy / great healer