www.padres.com/ballpark/index.html Larry Lucchino has been busy conceiving another baseball stadium, and this time he’s convinced the city of San Diego to foot most of the bill and flesh out his dreams. The last time he turned on his charm, the result was Oriole Park at Camden Yards. He says A Ballpark for San Diego will be even better. You can be the judge with the online renderings, models and 3-D flythroughs posted at The San Diego Padres’ site.

www.op.net/~lmk/baseball/index.htm OK, so there really aren’t any resources at Larry’s Baseball Resources. But there is a list of links to sites with the kind of trivial information you think you need to build a champion fantasy baseball team.

sportseesite.com Echelon sports has come up with an enticing twist to fantasy baseball. You have $60 million to spend on a roster of 15 players and on in-season moves. Player salaries are based on demand. If everyone wants Ken Griffey Jr., his salary will take up a large portion of that $60 million. It’s one big league and $5,000 goes to the winner — if he or she is a current U.S. resident. Anyone can play.

www.sandbox.com Lots of free fantasy sports leagues with big cash payouts from one of those really slick sites that you just know is gonna be sending a lot of e-mail your way. The rules for Sandbox’s fantasy baseball league make it clear it’s targeting the hardcore box score addict.

www.insidecorner.com Inside Corner, another free site, isn’t as slick as Sandbox and seems more in tune with the casual fan. It’s head-to-head competition, and games last two days. Inside Corner also has plans for some fantasy games to coincide with the Sydney Olympics.

fantasy.yahoo.com/baseball Yahoo! has just posted its free fantasy baseball page. No details as of yet, but the Net’s leading portal doesn’t do anything half-way.

www.foxsports.com/fantasy/baseball Fox has free leagues with different draft options and plenty of support.

www.baseballmanager.com With all the free leagues out there, the pay sites better be dangling some pretty succulent-looking bait if they hope to hook your credit card number. Baseball Manager’s juicy morsel is personalized boxscores, headlines and stories of your team’s performances. Mmmm.

fantasybaseball.commissioner.com CBS Sports’ best bait is its virtual commissioner, who will render final rulings on those disputes that always pop up when the last-place owner realizes his fate and succumbs to the sweet talk of a contending owner.

games.espn.go.com Not many extras for a pay league but plenty of predraft analysis and lots of in-season stats.