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Ashish Jejurkar

Atsumi & Sakai

Date of birth: July 16, 1974

Hometown: Mumbai

Number of years in Japan (cumulative): 2 (as of August 2019)

Ashish Jejurkar
Q1: What was your first encounter with Japan?

My first encounter was when in May 2013 I came for my engagement. I visited Tokyo and my in-laws place in Kitakyushu. I was comfortable with the place and therefore came back again and again. In later trips, I had a few commercial matters that only added to the pleasure.

Q2: Please state your motto in life and why you have chosen it.

My motto or objective is to excel in whatever I do. I am a lawyer engaged in corporate, as well as merger and acquisition, transactions. I try to get the best deal for my clients. Privately, I try to be a good husband and father, shouldering home responsibilities. Publicly, I try to be a good citizen and earn the respect of neighbors in a foreign country.

Q3 : Over your career, what achievement are you the proudest of?

Rather than being proud, I would say I am happy because of something. As I said earlier, being able to live my motto or objective is what I am happy about. Also, I am happy that I am able to enjoy my stay in Japan and make friends locally.

Q4 : What are your goals during your time in Japan, your current position or in life?

I have modest goals. I want to explore Hokkaido more and more. I just cannot stop enjoying that place. If possible, I would like to buy my own house in Tokyo and stay. And sometime (depending on parking) I would like to bicycle to my office from my home.

Q5 : What wisdom, advice or tips can you give to people living and working in Japan?

If you want to enjoy Japan you have to learn to adjust to the simple and predictable lifestyle here. Outside, the world is different; Japan is different. Learn a bit of Japanese to be able to communicate locally. Lastly, do enjoy the local cuisine that is one of the best in the world.

Last updated: Aug 19, 2019