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Bernd Schneider

General Manager
Swissotel Nankai Osaka

Date of birth: June 26, 1963

Hometown: Kaufbeuren, Germany

Number of years in Japan (cumulative): Less than 1 (as of February 2018)

Bernd Schneider
Q1: What was your first encounter with Japan?

Early in my career as a chef in 1986, I joined the two-star Michelin restaurant Schillinger in Colmar, France. Together with me, started Atsuhiko, my Japanese colleague. On our days off, we would discover each other’s backgrounds. He taught me how to use chopsticks by moving uncooked rice from one plate to another; a lesson I never forgot that is invaluable now. My seed of discovering the rich Japanese culture was planted.

Q2: Please state your motto in life and why you have chosen it.

True leadership walks the talk, is my life motto. In life, we will have different roles to play at different times and circumstances. In my family, I’m a guardian, a motivator and enabler to my children. In my professional role, I like to encourage and guide my colleagues and team members to become leaders themselves and not followers.

Q3 : Over your career, what achievement are you the proudest of?

My proudest accomplishments would have to be when I succeed in mentoring my employees to achieve their own career goals. Yesterday’s young, entry-level workers are in leadership positions today. By encouraging them to dream big for their futures, as well as providing them with suitable training, exposure and coaching in their field of work, we created a framework to enable them to build their careers.

Q4 : What are your goals during your time in Japan, your current position or in life?

During my time in Japan, my goal is to work with the Swissotel Osaka team to continue its successful operation and strengthen its upscale positioning in the marketplace to enable AccorHotels to benefit from its reputation in the expansion of our network of hotels in Japan.

Last updated: Oct 2, 2018