Tokyo no Hi


Can we please cut the Japanese movie slacker some slack? Usually a guy past the age when most contemporaries have entered official adulthood — defined here as holding a full-time (if not necessarily lifetime) job — the slacker hero makes do with part-time gigs, or spinning his unemployed wheels.

This drifting existence is commonly played for black comedy, though for real-life slackers it’s hardly all fun and games. What’s good about that muzzy post-adolescent state in which possibilities seem limitless but hard choices feel scary?

Such is the situation of Yusuke Honda (Daisuke Sasaki), the 28-year-old hero of Chihiro Ikeda’s “Tokyo no Hi”(literally, “Tokyo Day”). Working as a server in a cafe known for its curry rice, he is still a part-timer — that is, doing the sort of job students take to supplement Mom and Dad’s largesse. ...