Tokyo: Hanazono-jinja Reitaisai

Annual Festival of the shrine. The highlight of the festival is a procession of eight mikoshi owned by towns, parading through the neighborhood of the shrine. The festival is rather small in scale this year. Schedule & Key events: ● May 26 ...


Ibaraki: Suigo Itako Ayame Matsuri

Ayame (iris) Flower Festival. A million iris flowers of 500 species are in bloom in the garden. Admission is free. Yomeiri-fune (a boat escorting a bride) and local Japanese entertainments are performed during the festival period. Schedule & Key events: ● daily ...


Gifu: Nagaragawa Ukai

Cormorant fishing. It will be held every day during the period except on the night of the full moon (Sept. 17 this year) or when the water is excessively muddy. Fee is 3,100 JPY or 3,400 JPY without meal. For reservation, please call 058-262-0104 ...

Notice: Event and location information is subject to change.