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Building Romance

Inspired by 19th-century European bildungsroman literature, the title of this exhibition suggests that after the 20th century, artists often avoided expressing the emotion and compassion that once consumed the romanticists. Looking at new forms of "romance" through our relationships with family, partners and places, the ...

Iro-e: Japan Cute!

Iro-e, colorful overglazed enamel ceramics, became particularly popular during the Edo Period (1603-1868) and were often made of porcelain in the styles of Kokutani, which adapted kosode (kimono-like garment) patterns; Kakiemon, involving delicate details of Chinese influence; and Nabeshima, which focused on Japanese aesthetics. ...


The witty and humorous photography of Tsuyoshi Ozawa is inspired by his everyday observations and knowledge of art history. For this large-scale solo exhibition, Ozawa's more recent installations evoke Japanese art history and focuses on plaster figures and plaster-figure dessin (sketching), an art-teaching method ...

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Taro Okamoto and Media Art

Taro Okamoto (1911-96) and Katsuhiro Yamaguchi first met in 1948 at Ochanomizu Bunka Gakuin while on a modern-art summer course, after which they continued to support and influence each other through art-related movements and gatherings. Okamoto is celebrated as an avant-garde maverick of postwar Japan ...

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