Peter Doig

Scottish-born Peter Doig grew up in Trinidad and Tobago and Canada, studied at the Chelsea College of Art and Design (now University of the Arts London) in the U.K. and has been based in Port of Spain since 2002. His landscape paintings, often described ...

Pola Museum Exhibition 2020

Founded in 1996, the Pola Art Foundation has been involved in supporting emerging artists for nearly 25 years. One of its projects helps nurtures artists under the age of 35 by sponsoring overseas residencies, giving them the opportunity to encounter different experiences and learn ...

Vincent van Gogh

During Vincent Van Gogh’s short but eventful life (1853-90), he was active as an artist for just one decade, yet his intense use of colors and bold style continues to inspire artists globally. Two seminal points in Van Gogh’s career — his life in The ...

Art and Patisserie

The recent works of multi-medium artist Saki Matsumura are currently on display at Patisserie Stressed at the InterContinental Osaka. Matsumura, born in 1993, graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design, earning both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the institution, and has continued her practice ...


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