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Curious George Exhibition

The stories of Curious George and his friend, The Man with The Yellow Hat, have been entertaining readers for decades. In Japan, over 5 million copies of the "Curious George" books have been sold, and the nation is still bananas about him. A new exhibition will ...

Shibuyajizai: Infinity, or Self-Territory

Since 2005, Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya has hosted joint projects by international art and cultural organizations and provided an alternative space to museums and galleries at which to introduce and nurture young creators. It now faces a change in October, when it will be ...

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Sakamoto Ryoma: Japan's Favorite Hero

Sakamoto Ryoma, undoubtedly one of Japan’s most influential and revered historical figures, played an essential role in the overthrow of the Edo Period (1603-1868) feudal shogunate, and helped pave the way toward the establishment of the Meiji government. A popular swordsman, politician and businessman, he ...

Iroe: Porcelains of Overglaze Enamels

Iroe (overglaze enamel) porcelain was introduced to Japan during the Edo Period (1603-1868) and greatly admired by the upper class as a form of decoration for tea-ceremony ware and everyday items. Some iroe goods were imported from the Jingdezhen area of China's Jiangxi province ...

O Jun × Tanada Koji: Semegu

O Jun and Koji Tanada first met in 1997 and have been inspiring each other ever since. O Jun is known for works featuring nonfigurative motifs expressed through pencil, crayon, watercolors and oils, while Tanada is renowned for sculptures that are carved primarily from ...

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