Joseph Cornell: Collage & Montage

American artist Joseph Cornell (1903-1972) is well-known for his assemblage artworks — surrealist arrangements of objects that he collected and framed inside handmade wooden boxes. These 3D collages used clippings from books, photographs, various everyday objects and found items. His film works were also montages, ...

Sense of Humor

When art director Katsumi Asaba traveled around the world, he found that humor played an important role in his communication with others and his perception of objects. Likewise, he chooses to express his own sense of humor through his designs and personal collection of ...

Parabola of Pre-Raphaelitism

Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-82) was one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (1848), a group of English painters, poets and critics who wanted to reform the British art scene. The Pre-Raphaelites dismissed popular mannerist stylized imagery and instead championed detail, realism and the ...

Shu Kubo Kiri-e Exhibition: Paper Japonism

Based in New York since 2010, artist Shu Kubo first learned about kiri-e (Japanese paper-cutting art) while he was studying architecture at college and creating collage-like renderings of buildings. Inspired, he taught himself the technique and has since established a unique method of overlaying colored ...

Realms of Color: The Creation by Ernst Haas

A pioneer of color photography, Austria-born American photographer Ernst Haas (1921-86) was one of the most influential photographers of his time. He helped establish color photography as a form of artistic expression during the 1950s and was often referred to as "the magician of ...

Errol Le Cain, The Enchanter of Images

Born in Singapore, Errol Le Cain (1941-1989) spent his early childhood in India until he moved to the U.K. by himself at the age of 17 to study animation. Settled in the U.K. until his death, Le Cain's first self-authored picture book was the ...


Seeing Through a Glass

Landscape is one of the most popular themes in art. Whether it's natural or urban settings, artists have long sought to express the world they see around them. With the theme of "landscapes" central to "Seeing Through a Glass," this collection seeks to "see through" ...

Leiko Ikemura Our Planet: Earth & Stars

Contemporary artist Leiko Ikemura's multimedia works blend painting, drawing, sculpture, watercolor, print, photography and video into installations that address gender issues and other societal observations. After studying at the University of Seville's Faculty of Fine Arts in Spain, Ikemura moved to Switzerland in the ...

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