Art / Mixed Media | Kanagawa

Metamorphosis, Perceptions of the Passage of Time

Focusing on the theme of time, this exhibition presents works by Cobird and Junya Kataoka + Rie Iwatake.

Kataoka and Iwatake first began presenting together during an artist residency in Paris in 2013. Since then, they have continued a collaborative relationship, showcasing in various countries, including Iceland and Taiwan. Their kinetic works feature everyday objects that move with fluctuations in heat, air, gravity and magnetic forces.

After working as a clothing designer for a decade, Cobird began creating artworks during the 2010s. Recent pieces include "Beirut Art Residency" (2019), "Pier-2 Artist in Residence" (2018) and "AIR Onomachi" (2016). This exhibition includes a selection of Cobird's cyanotype prints. (Yukari Tanaka)

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