Art / Mixed Media

Moomin the Art and the Story

Tove Marika Jansson (1914-2001) was born to a family of artists — her father was a sculptor and her mother an illustrator/designer. In 1945, as a form of escapism from World War II, Tove wrote and illustrated her first Moomin book, a depiction of charming tiny valley-dwelling creatures. She continued to write Moomin stories until her mother died in 1970 and in her grief, she chose to make her ninth book, "Moominvalley in November," the final of the series. The Moomins, however, continued to captivate children in animations, TV shows and more.

On loan from the Moomin Museum in Tampere, Finland, this exhibition features 500 works, from original sketches and illustrations to copies of Moomin novels and videos of animation. (Yukari Tanaka)