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Masterpieces of Japanese Art: From Sesshu and Eitoku to Korin and Hokusai

This exhibition is part of the "Tsumugu Project: Preserving and Telling the Japanese Beauty — The Greatest Treasures and National Treasures of the Imperial Family," an initiative that promotes Japanese art, domestically and internationally, through showcases of Important Cultural Properties and National Treasures related to the Imperial Family.

In partnership with the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the Tokyo National Museum and the Museum of the Imperial Collections have selected exemplary masterpieces from their collections. Highlights include the National Treasure "Japanese Cypress Painting on Folding Screen" and "Lion Portrait on Folding Screen" by Kano Eitoku (1543-90), one of the leading artists of the Kano school. Other renowned works include those by Sesshu Toyo and Nonomura Ninsei. (Yukari Tanaka)

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