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The Charm of Seto Novelty: Ceramic Ornaments Loved From the World

Seto, in Aichi Prefecture, first began producing ceramics in kiln-equipped potteries during the 13th century, giving rise to the term "setomono," which is now often used to refer to pottery in general.

The area began mass producing novelty works, such as porcelain figurines and flora- and fauna-themed ornaments, for export during the Taisho Era (1912-1926). These charming colorful and elaborate works, often featuring figures in Western dress, became particularly popular overseas during the mid 20th century. Highlights in this exhibition include "Man and Woman Picking Flowers" (c. 1957), "Sagrada Familia Desk Lamp" (1980s) and "Moth Orchid" (1989). (Yukari Tanaka)