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This brings back to Japan the AGC Asahi Glass' "Touch" installation, which was created by Jin Kuramoto and Raw Edges for Milan Design Week 2017.

"Glass has always been a familiar part of our daily lives.

"Whether in our homes, our cars, on high-rise buildings in our city; we are surrounded by countless types of glass. And with the advance of smartphones, we spend increasing amounts of time touching glass screens on our devices. Through the development of technologies such as anti-fingerprint coatings and glass strengthening, we have been able to adapt this material, which is traditionally not meant to be touched, to meet our evolving needs.

"With a focus on the act of "touching” glass, we have created several large structures for this exhibition that aim to lead visitors to a completely new experience with glass.

These works of design, which are exploring new aspects of glass production such as special coating and unique methods of expression, hopefully inspire a new approach toward glass and open the door to exciting possibilities for this versatile material in our everyday lives." — Milan Design Week artist statement by Jin Kuramoto and Raw Edges.