'Le Ballon Rouge'

/ | Jul 25, 2008

"Le Ballon Rouge"


Director: Albert Lamorisse Language: French A children's classic from 1956 that won the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival that year is digitally remastered and returns to the big screen. This nearly dialogue-free film explores friendship and love between a 5-year-old Parisian boy ...

'Biru to Dobutsuen'

/ | Jul 18, 2008

"Biru to Dobutsuen"


Director: Takashi Saito Language: Japanese A romance flowers between a 29-year-old office lady played by Maki Sakai and a 21-year-old university student, played by Katsuya Kobayashi. But the age gap is not the only issue here. Both main protagonists don't know who ...

'Climber's High'

/ | Jul 11, 2008

"Climber's High"


Director: Masoto Harada Language: Japanese On Aug. 12, 1985, Japan Airlines Flight 123 crashed on Osutaka Ridge in Gunma Prefecture. Based on Hideo Yokoyama's best-selling novel, the film looks at the impact the country's worst airplane disaster had on a local newspaper ...

'Miracle 7-go'

/ | Jul 4, 2008

"Miracle 7-go"


Director: Stephen Chow Language: Cantonese Director/writer/actor Stephen Chow's ("Shaolin Soccer") family-friendly comedy is about a father and son who live in poverty in Hong Kong. Ti (Chow) slaves away day and night as a construction worker in order to send his 9-year-old ...

'Nishi no Majo ga Shinda'

/ | Jun 27, 2008

"Nishi no Majo ga Shinda"


Director: Shunichi Nagasaki Language: Japanese A troubled preteen girl spends a summer at her grandmother's house situated somwhere deep in the mountains of Japan. The house is surrounded by beautiful flowers, trees, vegetable plots and herb gardens, and there, the girl, Mai ...

'Tsukiji Uogashi Sandaime'

/ | Jun 13, 2008

"Tsukiji Uogashi Sandaime"


Director: Shingo Matsubara Language: Japanese This adaptation of a popular manga series follows Shuntaro (Takao Osawa), a successful businessman working for a trading company, who steps into the world of Tsukiji Fish Market as temporary help for a fish wholesaler run by his ...

'Away From Her'

/ | May 30, 2008

"Away From Her"


Director: Sarah Polley Language: English Sarah Polley, aged just 29, displays amazing maturity with her debut feature about a couple whose marriage is turned upside down when Fiona (Julie Christie), the wife, is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. She enters a nursing home where ...

'The Hunting Party'

/ | May 23, 2008

"The Hunting Party"


Director: Richard Shepard Language: English Inspired by an article war correspondent Scott Anderson wrote for Esquire magazine, "The Hunting Party" follows three American journalists who track down wanted Serbian war criminal Boghdanovic (known as "The Fox"). Richard Gere plays a worn-out war journalist who ...

/ | May 16, 2008

"Music From the Inside Out"


Director: Daniel Anker Language: English At the start, documentary filmmaker Daniel Anker poses the question "What is Music?" to the members of the prestigious Philadelphia Orchestra. Some laughs and some groans. Following the 105 members on and off stage for five years, the film explores ...

'Grace is Gone'

/ | May 2, 2008

"Grace is Gone"


Director: James C. Strouse Language: English This low-key film traces the shock, grief, and love felt by Stanley (John Cusack), the father of two young daughters, who has just discovered that his soldier wife has been killed in Iraq. Unable to break the news ...


/ | Apr 25, 2008



Director: Lee Tamahori Language: English Yet another addition to Nicolas Cage's list of bad choices (check out "The Wicker Man"; well, actually don't!). In this adaptation of Philip K. Dick's novel "The Golden Man," Cage plays a magician with an ability to see two minutes into ...


/ | Apr 18, 2008



"Mongol" Director: Sergei Bodrov Language: Mongolian An epic film tracing the early life of Genghis Khan from age 9 to the day he becomes Mongolia's khan. Russian director Sergei Bodrov portraits Khan as a calm, strong and defiant man with a divine aura that ...