Music | PLAY BUTTON Jun 11, 1999

When did originality go out of focus?

by Suzannah Tartan

Hiromix, the person credited with the current popularity of "girl" photographers, has thus far lived a charmed life: After stints as a "serious" artist, a band leader and, most recently, a mayonnaise spokeswoman, she has restyled herself as a singer-songwriter with the release of ...

Music | PLAY BUTTON May 28, 1999

A rebel yell from the Northwest

by Suzannah Tartan

Whether it's the rainy weather or beautiful scenery, there is something about Washington state that has made it one of the most fertile places for independent music. Though Seattle may have a higher profile, indie labels are as numerous as nose piercings (and that ...

Music | PLAY BUTTON May 14, 1999

U.F.O. travels the globe in style

by Suzannah Tartan

With their natty suits and sleek musical grooves that fuse jazzy samples with dance beats, U.F.O. has epitomized a certain perception of Tokyo as fashionable and cosmopolitan, ever since "I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Jazz)" catapulted across the world's dance floors in ...

Music | PLAY BUTTON Apr 30, 1999

Buffalo Daughter reinvents new rock again

by Suzannah Tartan

After more than a year of touring, remixing, producing and more touring, Buffalo Daughter has returned home to the more mundane matters of daily life. Bassist and Moog player extraordinaire Yumiko Ohno recently tied the knot with longtime paramour Zak (producer of the Fishmans ...

Music | PLAY BUTTON Apr 2, 1999

Sonic adventures in mixed media

by Suzannah Tartan

Samm Bennett's ideal record store would be organized alphabetically, each floor dedicated to a segment of the alphabet rather than a particular musical genre. This would be perhaps the only way of finding all of his work in the same place. Hunting for Samm Bennett ...

Music | PLAY BUTTON Mar 19, 1999

Journey to the center of Cornelius

by Suzannah Tartan

Some trips involve buses and airplanes, others need chemical assistance. Some trips, however, require only a stereo. Keigo Oyamada, a k a Cornelius, is an expert choreographer of the latter form of travel. His last record, "Fantasma," catapulted listeners through an orange-colored psychedelic wonderland ...