Music | MUSIC NOMAD Dec 12, 2000

The best of the year that was

by Paul Fisher

The concert scene in Japan tends to slow down a bit in the winter months, so this week I'll present my pick of this year's Japanese releases, and in my next column, releases from around the world. Japan has many gifted and innovative musicians, mostly ...

Music | MUSIC NOMAD Nov 28, 2000

Cuban musical wave keeps on coming

by Paul Fisher

At the beginning of next year, not much will have changed from this year, when it comes to the pick of world and roots music concerts. More Cubans! Marc Ribot isn't exactly Cuban by birth, but for the moment, he should qualify as an honorary ...

Music | MUSIC NOMAD Nov 14, 2000

The last of the best from Cuba

by Paul Fisher

Even after 10 years, I still find it difficult to predict what actually turns Japanese world-music fans on. Japan eventually caught up with the rest of the world with the craze in old Cubans. This year just about everyone connected with the Buena Vista Social ...

Music | MUSIC NOMAD Sep 12, 2000

Intercultural influences

by Paul Fisher

East-West fusions are nothing new. Nearly 100 years ago, some Western classical music was influenced by Indian classical or Javanese gamelan music. In the 1950s, violinist Yehudi Menuhin performed with Indian sarod player Ali Akbar Khan and sitar maestro Ravi Shankar. By the 1960s, ...

Music | MUSIC NOMAD Jul 11, 2000

Reverberations of a sonic boom

by Paul Fisher

The live scene for world and roots music in Japan, especially for those living in Tokyo, has never been so healthy. This year, many top artists from Cuba, Eastern Europe, the Celtic countries, Northern Europe, Brazil and Africa have already visited or will be ...

Music | MUSIC NOMAD Jun 27, 2000

Different tunings, same brilliance

by Paul Fisher

Two exceptional American guitarists visit Japan next month. Although at opposite ends of the spectrum in style, background and geography, both operate firmly outside the mainstream, share a desire to innovate and produce music that can be at once both meditative and challenging. Bill ...